2007_06_suvcrash.jpgA few details about the Bay Ridge incident that killed a female pedestrian and injured other pedestrians yesterday afternoon. At 86th Street and 5th Avenue, reports say that the driver of a Honda CR-V "made a wrong turn" (1010 WINS) and/or "mashed the accelerator" (Daily News). The SUV jumped the curb, first hit Lance Sevorwell (throwing him 15 feet in the air), and then pinned Lyudmila Piyavskaya, a 53-year-old Ukrainian woman, against the wall of a bakery. Piyavskaya was instantly killed and Sevorwell had leg and head injuries.

The News reports that driver Lou Lou Sayeg got out of her car, crying, "Oh my God!" and "I killed that lady!" Her passenger had minor injuries; Sayeg was not charged. Piyavskaya's upset husband said, "I was with her earlier, but I had to go to Queens. I wish I could have been with her. I could have saved her. I could have pushed her out of the way."