An off-duty police officer was arrested in his Williamsburg apartment yesterday morning. Authorities say that Sergeant Joel Doseau raped a girl when she was well under the age of consent and continued to sexually abuse her for years.

Doseau, 43, was charged with 40 counts, including seven counts of rape, 11 counts of sexual misconduct, three counts of acting in a manner injurious to a child under 17 and 11 counts of sexual abuse, and more.

The sergeant, who worked in Brooklyn South, apparently met the victim on Facebook. Police sources tell the Daily News that Doseau met the girl a year earlier, when she was 14. From the News:

The alleged perv cop wooed the underage teen online, and lied to her about being more than twice her age, telling her he was younger than the 37 years he really was, sources said.

The girl believed him, according to the sources, and sent the police veteran nude photographs of herself. Talk, chats and secret picture posting soon turned into sex, which began some time in the summer of 2008.

The two allegedly had sex several times in an ongoing illicit relationship.Their contact included oral sex and sexual intercourse, according to court papers.

The assaults occurred between July 2007 and August 2009. The NY Times reports: "She came to visit him at the age of 14, and they began having sex in 2008 when she was 15, the police said. The relationship continued until 2010, when she was 17, the police said. She is now 23. The age of consent in New York State is 17."

The victim recently came forward to the police.

Doseau was released on $100,000 bail. He has been suspended without pay and his gun and shield were taken away.