The NBA draft is tonight in Brooklyn, but all everyone is talking about on Twitter round these parts are the reports that the Nets are in talks with the Boston Celtics to potentially bring Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to play for longtime rival and new coach Jason Kidd...across the river from Honey Nut Cheerios arch-nemesis Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks. Hoo boy.

According to Yahoo Sports, the Nets would send Boston a package that would include Gerald Wallace, Tomike Shengelia, the expiring deal of Kris Humphries and three future first-round picks. It's also possible the talks could increase in size: the two sides are also discussing the possibility of including either Jason Terry or Courtney Lee in the trade.

Following longtime coach Doc Rivers' departure to the Clippers, this is a chance for Boston to blow up their team once and for all, clear some cap space, and begin the rebuilding process (ostensibly centered around Rajon Rondo). For the Nets, this is a chance to become a contender THIS season—although, with Garnett at the twilight of his career, he may only give them a season or two of work altogether.

As the NY Times points out, no deal between the two sides could be finalized unless Garnett agrees to waive his no trade clause; even if that happened, no deal could be finalized until mid-July, after Pierce's salary becomes guaranteed. The Nets have flirted with huge trades before and it hasn't worked out, so don't start holding your breath just yet.

But our Nets beatwriter, Derek Evers, thinks it would be great for the team if they can pull it off:

I love the idea, and the Nets—probably more than talent—desperately need some grit. Garnett and Pierce would definitely supply it, but the rumored three first round picks sounds excessive for a team that already has a horrible max deal in Joe Johnson on the books through 2016.

Obviously, the Nets' thinking must be that if they're a good team, those picks would be somewhat average, but I think you should trade the number of picks based on how many years you'll get out of the pair. My gut is saying Garnett only plays one, MAX two more years. So two first rounders seems like a more even trade. But it is inter-division and the Nets can finally move some expiring contracts, so I wouldn't expect there to be any qualms on the Nets end about three picks (especially with a super rich owner who hasn't shown any hesitation in spending).