For those who can't afford to buy season tickets, half-season tickets, group tickets, mini plans or premium tickets to see the Brooklyn Nets play in the most expensive arena in America, tickets for individual games go on sale right now. According to Father Ticketmaster, nosebleed seats start at $22.00 (plus an $8.00 fee, plus a $3.25 "processing fee") while lower bowl seating maxes out at $1,507 (plus more fees!) Good luck getting tickets to the very first regular season game against the Knicks on November 1: we searched for a single ticket at "any price" and came up empty-handed.

You can also call 1-800-4NBA-TIX, but that too failed to garner a single ticket at "any price." Be sure you get tickets to an actual game, and not some preseason scrimmage that means absolutely nothing.

[UPDATE] Gee, it looks like there are nosebleeds available to the season-opener over on Stub Hub, at nearly EIGHT TIMES their face value ($170). And don't forget Stub Hub's $40-per-ticket fee.

One Brooklyn resident of 12 years tried to obtain tickets to the opener at 10 a.m. sharp and was rebuffed. "I'm sad," he said. "Can you quote me as being sad?" Who else is sad they'll be missing the season-opener?