2006_08_cpn.jpgThe Post reports that the police are investigating whether there's a link between the murder of Brooklyn teen Chanel Petro-Nixon and the NJ teen Jennifer Moore who was killed after a night of clubbing. Police have been showing a photograph of the suspect in Moore's murder, self-proclaimed pimp Draymond Coleman, in Petro-Nixon's Brooklyn neighborhood. In June, Petro-Nixon was on her way to an Applebee's to apply for a job, and she never made it home - her strangled body was found in a garbage bag days later. Moore had been strangled and was stuffed into a garbage bag as well. Another thing: Coleman is suspected of washing Moore's body with bleach to remove clues, and Petro-Nixon's body had a "chemical scar on her leg - possibly caused by bleach." A source tells the Post, "Until we get something concrete we can't rule anyone out."

Police have been stymied by the lack of help from Petro-Nixon's neighborhood in the case. Her murder is featured on America's Most Wanted website, noting that Daily News columnist Errol Louis has written extensively about the murder in order to help bring information to the investigation.