The mother of an 11-year-old girl who died of an asthma attack on Friday says a man, whom she believes to be a cop, kept her from getting her daughter to a hospital. Carmen Ojeda's daughter, Briana, began suffering an asthma attack in a playground in Carroll Gardens on Friday afternoon. Ojeda, not wanting to wait for an ambulance, took off with Briana in her car, and turned down a side street to avoid traffic. The street ended up being one-way, and she either crashed into or was blocked by other cars. That's when she waved down a "marked car" and a "uniformed man" got out.

The man yelled at Ojeda for the crash, and when she attempted to explain that her daughter needed CPR, he allegedly "'smirked' and responded, 'I don't do CPR.'" Other witnesses say he simply said he didn't know CPR, but Ojeda said he wouldn't let her continue to the hospital. One witness says Ojeda started screaming, "My daughter is dying," and Good Samaritan Scott Voloshin began performing CPR on her daughter. But by the time Ojeda arrived at the hospital, it was too late to save Briana.

Police are conducting an internal affairs investigation and are trying to determine whether the man was a cop, a traffic agent, an auxiliary officer or a private guard. But Voloshin insists he was with the NYPD, telling WABC, "He was NYPD for sure, but I don't know what." However, none of the cops at the local precinct have said they were at the scene. Whoever it was, Briana's parents want justice. Ojeda said, "My daughter was only 11 ... she had no chance."