2006_11_noels.jpgA horrifying tragedy in Brooklyn: Sadier Jean Noel, who had jumped in front of a train on Monday as her 9 year old son's dead body was found in her apartment, admitted that "demons overtook her" and that she killed her son. Sadier Jean Noel said that son Knil was brooding about his birthday celebration from the day before - the family went to Junior's but Knil was upset an invited friend wasn't able to come. Noel told police that she reacted by smothering him with a pillow.

A birthday pizza party at Knil's private school had been planned for Monday, and when father Evans Joseph called Noel to ask how it was going, Noel responded, "It's not happening. There is no party. ... You're going to have to forgive me." Then she left the apartment. From the NY Times:

Ms. Noel said she then left her apartment on Brooklyn Avenue in Crown Heights, and took the subway to Chinatown in Manhattan with the intention of jumping off a bridge, the police said. But she changed her mind, they said, and returned to Brooklyn on the F train. She got off at the West Eighth Street-New York Aquarium stop in Coney Island, crossed to the northbound platform, and shortly before 5 p.m. jumped as a train approached, the police said.

Though seriously hurt with a broken leg and two severed fingers, Ms. Noel was conscious and urged rescuers to go to her home, saying she had done something terrible to her son, according to the police. Meanwhile, Knil’s father, Evans Joseph, 29, a construction worker, had already arrived at their home to find the boy lying on the couple’s bed and unresponsive, the police said.

Noel underwent a psychiatric evaluation and is under guard at Lutheran Hospital (the Times also reported that she had been "taking Prozac for depression and Ambien for insomnia"). The ME's office ruled the death a homicide, but Noel has been charged with murder, manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a minor according to the Daily News. There are no indications of any domestic disputes, but the Administration for Children's Services is investigating the death.

Joseph just told reporters, "I'm in pain right now, pain."