A Brooklyn man who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6th – and then waved in other rioters through a broken window – has been sentenced to 45 days in prison.

Dovid Schwartzberg, a 20-year-old resident of Kensington, was sentenced in federal court on Thursday, roughly 20 months after joining the pro-Trump mob. He faced charges of entering a restricted building and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

Prosecutors relied on Schwartzberg's extensive video documentation of the breach, which he uploaded to a since-deleted TikTok account. The videos showed him jumping through a broken window of the U.S. Capitol building, then encouraging other members of the mob to follow his lead through the opening.

Once inside the building, Schwartzberg strolled through the halls, through the crypt, and at one point, entered the office of U.S. Sen. Jeff Markley, where he recorded footage of another rioter smoking marijuana.

He also bragged in a text message that he was “the first guy in history to have a cigarette in congress,” prosecutors said.

In a letter to the judge, Schwartzberg said he entered the building because he didn’t want to miss out on “something historic.”

“While I now recognize the wrongful nature of walking through a broken window to enter the Capitol building and encouraging others to do so as well,” he wrote, “at the time, I really didn’t give it too much thought as I was caught up in the moment and the energy of the crowd.”

Court documents also included several character statements written on Schwartzberg’s behalf by Brooklyn rabbis.

Schwartzberg is one of the dozens of pro-Trump rioters who hail from the New York City region. Earlier this month, a former NYPD officer who attacked officers guarding the U.S. Capitol was sentenced to a decade in prison, the longest term handed down so far to any of the January 6th defendants.

Inquiries to Schwartzberg’s attorneys were not immediately returned.