Photo by Tien Mao.

There's nothing quite like walking hand in hand with the one you love on the Brooklyn Promenade, gazing across the East River into Manhattan, watching the sunset, and remembering you have to pay your Verizon bill. The Brooklyn Paper reports that one man is so angry about the glowing Verizon logo affixed to the equally uninspired building, that he's "vowing to ramp up the fight." Brooklyn Heights newcomer Richard Brown, "who now spends significant time on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade with a new significant other, said he first noticed the 'unsightly blemish' as he and his lady were enjoying a sunset a few weeks ago." Ever since, the sign, housed at 375 Pearl Street, has become the Moby Dick to his Ahab.

He isn't the first to try to take down the corporate ray of light, but that's not stopping him from rallying support and making t-shirts for his cause. A Verizon spokesman told the paper that nothing will happen immediately, however. Last year the company "sold part of the building to developers, who plan to open up the stony façade with a new glass curtain wall and create one million square feet of new office space. The new owners are also reportedly offering the sign space as an additional enticement to potential companies."