Concern grew over the whereabouts of Brooklynite Jerry (Nikko) Cooke and Brian Hall of Dallas, who had been climbing Oregon's Mount Hood since December 7, when officials announced they found the body of their friend Kelly James in a snow cave. Officials still hope that Cooke and Hall are still alive, but their last known area seems to be near some steep, treacherous drops known as the gullies.

James had last contacted his wife on December 10, telling her that Cooke and Hall went to get help. Officials believe that James's injury "might have complicated their plans to descend." They did find a cave that Cooke and Hall built during a blizzard, but fear that they may have been caught in an avalanche.

Family members of all three men were emotional at the sheriff's news conference. James's brother Frank said, "Kelly has been found, but I feel that I have two other brothers still on the mountain." Cooke's wife Michaela said, "Kelly, Brian and Nikko shared a passion and reverence for climbing and the bond forged between them will last throughout eternity."

Photograph of search and rescue crews at Mount Hood by Don Ryan/AP