A Brooklyn man has been sentenced to 72 years in prison for raping (and impregnating) the 11-year-old daughter of his former girlfriend. Gerald Hatcher, 47, was convicted in August of four counts of rape and sexual abuse against the victim, who is now 13. “He has not accepted responsibility and has denied his involvement since the beginning despite clear DNA evidence,” Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Doerfler wrote in a presentencing letter.

According to prosecutors, Hatcher raped the young girl in their shared Bedford-Stuyvesant home on at least four occasions between October and November 2008, while the mother was at work. Hatcher was only caught after he impregnated the girl, and tried to set up an appointment at an abortion clinic. An anonymous tipster called Administration of Child Services (ACS), and investigators later matched the DNA of the aborted fetus to determine that Hatcher was the father.

“His actions violated the trust and the love that a child has for a parent and he forever changed [her],” Doerfler wrote. When he testified in court, Hatcher continued to deny all the charges, despite the DNA evidence. The young victim also testified: “She felt relief after she testified and expressed a hope that she can now try to move on with her life,” said Doerfler.