A Brooklyn man is currently recovering from emergency scrotal surgery at Bellevue Hospital after a police officer kicked him in the testicles during a robbery arrest over the weekend, according to the victim's attorney.

A spokeswoman from the NYPD confirmed that the department's Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating the arrest. However, the department's initial report on the incident differs vastly from that of the victim, 33-year-old Corey Green.

Green was arrested around 10:00 p.m. last Saturday December 19th, according to the NYPD. Cops responding to a 911 call about an alleged burglary in Bed-Stuy picked up an alleged witness in their squad car and began "canvassing" for suspects.

Green's high-profile attorney Sanford Rubenstein said that his client was inside of a friend's apartment at 840 Monroe Street in Bed-Stuy near the Bushwick border when officers entered at gunpoint and ordered the occupants out onto the street to stand in a lineup.

According to the NYPD, officers never entered the address—a police spokesperson said Green was among a group of four men standing on the sidewalk outside of 840 Monroe when officers approached.

"It's clear that the facts as stated by Mr. Green to Internal Affairs differ radically from what the police are putting up," Rubenstein told us this afternoon.

The witness proceeded to identify one of the men in the lineup as the robbery suspect. Green was not called out and, according to the police, he fled the scene towards Broadway until he ran into some scaffolding and fell to the ground. Cops arrested him on an open DWI warrant and took him to the 81st Precinct, where he complained of pain and was transported to Woodhull Hospital.

At the hospital it was confirmed that Green, a father of two and exterminator by trade, had a "serious injury."

It was initially believed that doctors would have to amputate one of Green's testicles. However, as of Monday evening, Rubenstein says that Green had suffered restricted blood flow to his testicles. He is currently in "terrible pain," and could become infertile as a result of his injuries. Post-surgery pictures provided by Rubenstein's office show extensive swelling to his scrotum.

Rubenstein maintains his client did not run from the scene on Saturday night. Rather, Green began to walk away when another man was selected from the lineup, thinking he was free to leave.

One officer then grabbed him by the neck and threw him to the street, holding him down while a second officer kicked him, according to the attorney.

Green was interviewed by Internal Affairs on Monday, and Rubenstein says he hopes the Brooklyn DA's office will conduct a grand jury investigation into the alleged assault.

"Corey Green is fully cooperating with the NYPD Internal Affairs Officers regarding his allegations he was stomped by one police officer while another police officer held him down on the ground," said Rubenstein in a statement.