On Tuesday night, Kester La Roc was killed in gunfire near his East Flatbush home. LaRoc has been taking his son Kessai home around 10 p.m.; according to the Daily News, the "2-year-old Brooklyn boy was splattered with his father's blood when the dad was ambushed and killed." LaRoc was hit twice in the chest while a friend was hit in the thigh; apparently the friend was able to bring Kessai inside the house. Police have not found a motive for the shooting; LaRoc did have a criminal record (marijuana possession, disorderly conduct). LaRoc's girlfriend and the child's mother told the News, "He was a good dad. He spent time with his son, picked him up from day care, watched him. A very loving person," while LaRoc's mother said, "He was not perfect, but no one deserves this, to die like he did. He wanted to get his life straight."