A 32-year-old Brooklyn man died on Sunday during a diving competition in the Bahamas.

Nicholas Mevoli, a competitive freediver who broke the U.S. constant weight record last year, on Sunday dove to a depth of 72-meters without fins during a competition off the coast of the Bahama's Long Island. According to the AIDA International, a worldwide federation for breath-holding diving, Mevoli successfully swam back to the surface, but was having difficulty breathing and ultimately lost consciousness. He died of depth-related injury to his lungs.

William Trubridge, who organized the tournament, told the Daily News that Mevoli was attempting to break a record for the deepest "Constant No Fins" freedive at the 9-day International Free Diving Competition, the winner of which would take home a $20,000 prize. Freediving, unlike scuba diving, is done without an air tank and most equipment, with participants relying on a single breath to carry them more than 200 feet below the surface. Vertical Blue, which hosts the event, posted a note to its Facebook page expressing shock over Mevoli's death.

"Competition freediving has an enviable safety record but the sport can never be risk-free, something understood by all freedivers," it said.

AIDA International described Mevoli as a talented diver, having won second place in the inaugural Caribbean Cup in Roatan, first place at the Deja Blue competition in Curaçao and a silver medal in the constant no fins dive at this year’s AIDA Depth World Championship in Greece. Originally from Florida, Mevoli worked in television in New York and was writing a screenplay about boating in the Florida Keys.

"He was a passionate waterman, spearfisherman and freediver, and vocal advocate for the sport in the United States," a notice on the the organization's site said. "Nick’s friends will miss his warm smile and sense of humor, and eagerness to spearfish and dive at any time."