Brooklyn Heights blogger Peter Kaufman has triumphantly concluded his long crusade against the congregation of First Presbyterian Church, which for years has been giving parishioners parking placards for their cars when parking in the bike lane on Henry Street. You may recall that Kaufman made a big stink about the Sunday bike lane blockage, posting an epic video showing cars illegally parked in the lane from one end of the block to the other. Last year a cop at the local precinct told us, "For years we have allowed people to park in front of the church while they worship." But now it looks like the grace period has ended.

After calls to the church and the local precinct got Kaufman nowhere, he finally contacted Assemblywoman Joan Millman’s office, and after Millman's aide made a call to the local police captain, the bike lane was promptly liberated! Well, except for a few determined transgressors. But with that muckraking Kaufman breathing down their necks, they haven't got a prayer.