Earlier this week, a woman was reported missing, last seen at her Brooklyn home in January. Now authorities have arrested her husband, who allegedly confessed to fatally beating her and then chopping up her body.

Relatives of Diana Rodriguez-Martin, 43, reported her as missing when they hadn't heard from her since mid-January. According to the Daily News, a police source told them that her husband, Phillip Martin "told family members his wife moved out in the middle of January and took the dog...But when police interviewed him on Thursday, he confessed to fatally punching and then dismembering his wife," according to their source.

Martin was charged with murder and concealment of a human corpse. However, police are still looking for her remains: Martin allegedly threw out pieces of her body in a dumpster. Yesterday, investigators were removing items from the couple's home at 58 Linden Boulevard.

A neighbor said, "I remember the last time I seen them they was fighting they had police up and down. I would hear them arguing all the time, like, 'I'll kill you, I'll F-you up,' always cursing and fighting, so I'm kind of shocked."

Another was shocked, "It's unfathomable, to live in such close quarters with someone who could be capable of these things. You know, it's just unfathomable."