Terrible acts of torture were revealed in a court document about a Brooklyn man's arrest for attempted murder, kidnapping, assault and weapons possession. Anthony Matthews, 31, allegedly kidnapped his girlfriend from her family's home in Peekskill and then kept her in a Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment for over a month. The Daily News reports, "The 26-year-old woman suffered severe burns, the document states, when a screwdriver heated up with a cigarette lighter was placed against her crotch."

Further, "Matthews, it says, burned the woman’s legs “with a hot iron” and broke some of her teeth when he shoved a handgun into her mouth." The Post says some of her teeth were shattered. The victim, who was also beaten with a large piece of wood, managed to escape and is being treated at Woodhull Hospital.

She was in septic shock and had less than half the blood supply of a healthy woman, a broken nose and "various open wounds" (some of which are "so deep (her) bone is exposed") and "ulcers." The court papers also say Matthews repeatedly threatened to kill her and tied her up with "various television, phone wires, and extension cord."

The News adds, "[N]eighbors described Matthews as a friendly man who liked to barbecue in the yard and drove a 14-year-old Mercedes." Matthews' police record includes two arrests for trespassing and one for assault—he apparently spent 11 years for an assault conviction.