A Brooklyn man has been charged with murdering a Russian court translator and a jewelry importer and stealing their identities. Investigators told the Daily News that Dmitry Yakovlev also took the identity of a former NYPD mechanic who has been missing since 2003, and they "believe there are even more victims whose body parts have been strewn across New Jersey over the past decade." A source told the tabloid: "He's got a lot of bodies on him ... The guy is a like a serial killer."

Yakovlev, 42, and his wife Julia, 36, already faced charges for writing fake checks under the name of federal court translator Irina Malezhik after she disappeared in 2007. According to the Post, Yakovlev's wife was charged with withdrawing more than $40,000 from the woman's bank account and purchasing $16,200 in watches on her credit cards. Last year, investigators searched for Malezhik's remains in the basement of the couple's Sea Gate home, but her body wasn't found. Yakovlev told investigators he had permission to use the missing woman's credit cards because he had loaned her $20,000 for "furniture."

Yakovlev—who was trained in Russia as a doctor and is reportedly "capable of dismembering bodies himself"—was also charged with killing Viktor Alekseyev, whose partial remains were discovered in the woods in New Jersey in 2006. Yakovlev and his wife are also accused of taking the identity of former NYPD supervising mechanic Michael Klein after he vanished seven years ago.