More outer borough commuter woes coming your way—starting today, the MTA is shutting down the Knickerbocker Avenue M station in Bushwick for repairs. The shutdown is set to last for five months—and then the MTA will close the neighboring Central M station in March.

The elevated Knickerbocker station is used by about 4,000 riders traveling through Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan daily, and has certainly seen better days. "It's all messed up," a rider told NY1. "These stairs, it's leaking, you know. In the wintertime, there's a lot of water coming down." And another rider cited frustration with both the station and the upcoming closure, saying, "It should never have gotten to the point. You have people who depend on this station." Repairs will include rebuilding stairs and the mezzanine, installing new MetroCard machines, windscreens and security cameras, new electrical wiring and a public announcement system.

The MTA will be providing free bus shuttles to neighboring open stations overnight, and commuters can take the B54 bus during the day. And once the Central M gets its facelift, the MTA will service the Seneca and Forest M stations, and the Fresh Pond Road station as well. Happy travels!