Yesterday we told you about an unfolding hostage situation at Arrow Wine and Liquor Store in Flatlands, Brooklyn. This morning additional details about the harrowing event have come to light. It appears that the two robbers—Ted Peters, 23, and Andrew Philson, 25—weren't the brightest bulbs in the pack.

Izkiya Tolmasov, a 49-year-old clerk at the store and one of three hostages, said that the two men entered with hoods on and quickly put a gun to his head, demanding money. After that, Tolmasov told The New York Post that the robbers wanted him to show them the back exit, which turned into his lucky chance: "There was no back exit, so when I got a chance, I ran out as fast as I could. I didn't look back, I saw the door and ran for my life."

By that time, cops had already been called by bystanders, who saw Peters and Philson entering Arrow with hoods on and gun dangling. The event eventually came to end when a mother of one of the robbers was summoned by police. She spoke to the men and they decided to surrender to police; leaving no one hurt. Mother knows best, or at least better than Peters and Philson.

Another fun fact: According to WABC 7, the store's owner usually brings his pit bull to work, but he had the day off yesterday.