Bedbugs: If they're not on the N train, then they're probably on the 5 train. Or the Q train. Or the 7 train. At the very least, they almost certainly have been on every train you have taken over the last month. You feel this is true in your heart—if only someone had warned you not to take those trains. Well, if two Brooklyn politicians have their way, someone will warn you next time.

Council Member Mark Treyger and Assembly Member Bill Colton held a press conference this morning to announce legislation requiring the MTA to inform the public within 24 hours of any cases of bedbugs on city buses or subway trains. "These have been very disturbing cases," Treyger said in a statement. "This concerns the public safety and health of both the transit workers of the MTA and the ridership."

As of now, there is no formal policy for informing the public of bedbugs, besides the tried-and-true method of sensational media fearmongering. Treyger and Colton, who have the support of the Transport Workers Union, want the MTA to treat bedbug incidents the same as any other emergencies or service delays, with social media outreach and updates on the MTA's website. They also want the MTA to detail the steps it is taking to remedy these situations and protect public health in real time.

MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg said of the proposal: "Bedbugs have been reported in homes, businesses and public places throughout New York City in recent years, and the MTA New York City Transit subway system is no exception. Whenever the MTA receives a report of a bedbug sighting, we follow all established protocols by immediately taking the train out of service, inspecting it for any signs of bedbugs and fully treating the train car. More than 5.8 million people ride 8,000 subway trains on an average weekday, but the MTA has found no bedbug infestations on any trains, and has found and treated bedbugs on only 16 trains. The MTA is securing the services of a recognized expert to examine our management plan and ensure we are taking all possible steps to ensure the comfort and safety of our employees and customers."

In the meantime, if you (think) you see a bedbug, don't panic: just snap a photo and send a breathless email to US.