If Hurricane Sandy proved anything about mass transit it is that buses are important. This is something the MTA and the DOT have been insisting for some time now as they try and push Select Bus Service (SBS) as a solid subway compliment for the city. And hey! Looks like the Federal government is agreeing to the tune of $28 million. Yesterday the DOT announced that, in addition to those upcoming SBS buses to LaGuardia, we'll soon be getting a new fully funded SBS line in Brooklyn, the borough's first.

Our local DOT announced yesterday that it has received a $28 million grant from the US DOT and the Federal Transit Administration for the construction of a Nostrand Avenue-Rogers Avenue Select Bus Service. The line, which will run along with the B44, will stretch from Williamsburg to Sheepshead Bay. The project—which is being matched by funds from the state, city and MTA—will not only put those three-door accordion buses on the crowded bus route it will also introduce some bus lanes, off-board fare machines, a whole bunch of "traffic bulbs," road resurfacing and the reconstruction of the Williamsburg Bridge Plaza.

"I think everyone who saw Sandy from near or afar recognized the critical role buses played once the subway system went down, underscoring the value of these types of investments in our transportation infrastructure," DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan said announcing the news. "SBS continues to bring enhanced service to densely populated areas in need of transportation enhancements."

According to the DOT, the final design for the project "was completed this year and construction is expected to begin this year into next, with B44 SBS beginning in fall 2013."