Around 3 a.m. this morning, a shooting broke out on an East New York street outside of a house party, killing a 20-year-old and injuring eight others. According to WCBS 2, "A semi-automatic handgun was just one of the weapons police believe was involved"—and the party had been publicized as "Freaky Friday" on Facebook with a $5 cover.

NY1 reports that investigators believe the shooting occurred when two men bumped into each other at the party. Then an argument ensued, followed by the shooting in the street. WCBS 2 describes, "When police arrived on scene, there were at least five people lying injured in the street. Another four lying shot inside the house." Two guns were found, one in the grass and another on a person. A few suspects are in custody, but no arrests have been made.

City Councilman Charles Barron said, "Most of the police say they haven’t seen this in their professional careers. We are pleading to our communities, stop the violence, put down the guns. Men and women settle their conflicts with their minds, not with weapons and violence. That’s the message we want to get out."