This week PIX 11 revisited the case of a pair of high school sweethearts from Brooklyn, who disappeared on their way to a legendary rock concert upstate in 1973.

On July 27, 1973, 15-year-old Bonnie Bickwit and her boyfriend Mitchel Weiser, 16, were on their way to the Summer Jam at Watkins Glen, a major music concert featuring the Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers and the Band. But Bickwit and Weiser, who respectively hailed from Borough Park and Midwood and were students at John Dewey High School on Avenue X, presumably never made it to the village at the tip of Seneca Lake; neither made it home after the jam show, and friends believe they disappeared en route.

Not that it was so unusual for teenagers to run off together in the early '70s: "The police comments at that time were like, ‘They’re probably just two hippie kids who got high and ran away to San Francisco," Eric Greenberg, who was a teenager in Brooklyn at the time of the teens' disappearance, told PIX 11.

Both Bickwit's and Weiser's parents held out some hope over the years that their children were still out there. According to a Lakeland Ledger article from April 1974, nine months after the teens' disappearance, Bickwit's mother got a letter soliciting donations for a Native American reservation in South Dakota; the teens had apparently been interested in Native American affairs. "I thought that maybe they were at this reservation. After all, how did they get my address?" Bickwit's mother told the publication. And in 2000, a Rhode Island man named Allen Smith told police he had hitchhiked with Bickwit and Weiser, and watched them get swept away in the Susquehanna River. "I don’t believe that’s what happened,” Stuart Karten, Weiser's best friend, told PIX 11. “It’s really a tragic mystery.”

Karten started a website for Bickwit and Weiser 5 years ago, compiling articles and testimonials dedicated to the missing teens, though no articles have been uploaded since 2008. The 1973 Summer Jam was attended by 600,000 people; it was the last rock concert at Watkins Glen until 2011, when Phish lured some 40,000 concertgoers back to the area for a massive three day festival.