Two men risked their own lives just two hours ago, (around 1 PM) to save a disoriented stranger who fell onto subway tracks in Brooklyn. Apparently, an unkempt-looking (presumably homeless) man fell onto the tracks at the elevated F line stop at 9th St. and 4th Ave. He appeared disoriented and unable to extricate himself from the very real hazard he was in, so two strangers jumped onto the tracks and walked the man all the way to the end of the platform, where there are stairs back up to safety.

We received an email minutes after Marvin Franklin was killed by a train at Hoyt-Schermorn's station and it was upsetting. We're equally heartnened that two Brooklynites risked their lives to save a man they didn't know who was also imperiled. More pics after the jump. The 4th Ave. subway station in Brooklyn's Park Slope is elevated and parallel to 9th St.

(Photos from Patrick DiJusto via email)