Yesterday afternoon, a fire broke out at the Gristedes at Henry and Clark Streets in Brooklyn Heights. All shoppers and employees were evacuated and there were no reported injuries. According to Brooklyn Heights Blog, there was an electrical malfunction in the deli section. McBrooklyn found out from a police officer, "what the fire didn't get, the water from the Fire Department did" (the basement is flooded).

There's also a large apartment building attached to the supermarket; it does not seem like that building was affected. And as BHB commenters complained about the overall state of Gristedes, one wrote:

"As someone who lives above what I call “Grishitties”, I’m thrilled to see that store is gone. In fact, I was shopping there last night and could not believe how ludicrous the prices were. I’m not sure if anyone shopped there this past week, but grishitties tried to get rid of bad meat and produce at staggeringly low prices. I don’t even touch the bakery goods.

On the other hand, I do feel bad for them because they just finished making a few renovations and I had hopes that one day it wouldn’t be as nasty and overpriced in that store."