2005_03_bklynheights.jpgStrange and scary incident: A cabbie picked up a fare in Caroll Gardens around 8:45PM; the fare asked to be taken to Hicks and Pierrepont Streets in Brooklyn Heights, where he ended up stabbing the cab driver with a 6 inch knife. The Daily News reports that driver Mamnum Haq "slammed closed a safety partition in the taxi and sped up the block, trapping his screaming attacker inside the cab until screeching to a halt moments later." The attacker, a white male in his 20s, ran away as Haq screamed and asked for help. Haq is recovering at Bellevue Hospital; the New York Taxi Workers Alliance (which Haq helped found) says that this is the sixth violent attack on a driver in the past six months. Haq believes his attacker was crazy and was trying to kill him; that sounds about right.