Though most people hate backfat when they look in three-way mirrors, another kind of backfat has surfaced. Someone has been tagging "Backfat" in Brooklyn neighborhoods Windsor Terrace and Kensington. The tagger has been hitting up pretty conspicuous places, like the public library on Fort Hamilton Parkway, schools, and stores, and has been fraying nerves in the process. One commenter on Flickr says:

back fat is getting on my nerves. he is all over kensington and often in just rude places (on top of the public library sign, for example.)
one funny back fat tag suggests that he does not like to pay a fare on the subway (he uses other words to say that,) and it is at the entrance of the fort hamilton highway station which does not have a booth, so it is all just automated gates. i wonder how back fat beats that...
so yeah... really getting tired of back fat.

A teacher lamented to the Daily News, "It's everywhere. We have to paint and scrape the doors on the school. As soon as it is redone, they do it again." Even though someone asked Backfat to reveal his/her identity via craigslist and one resident's daughter has made "a game out of counting the new 'Backfat' tags that she sees," Backfat is still a mystery. Maybe all will be known when cops close in - a sources tells the News, the police are "coming close to finding him."

And this looks like copycat Backfat.