After receiving a stop work order last week, rooftop farm Brooklyn Grange can finally get back to installing over a million pounds of dirt and seedlings on their Long Island City rooftop. Though they insist they began work only "after many months of intensive planning, exhaustive fundraising, and rigorous preparation," the New York City Department of Buildings claimed the group never secured the right permits for the project. But as of yesterday, they're back up and running.

The Grange wrote in a press release, "We complied fully with the SWO and met with our architect, landlord, and city officials in an effort to get the order lifted and to resume work. We are pleased to report that the SWO issued to Brooklyn Grange Farm was rescinded today, and that we will commence the remainder of the installation at the Standard Motor Products Building on Thursday, May 20th. We anticipate completion some time next week." According to City Room, Brooklyn Grange provided the DOB with a structural analysis of how the weight of the farm will be supported, plus $5,537 in fines for working without a permit.