On Saturday morning, two men posing as Jehovah's Witnesses tricked a 76-year-old Brooklyn woman into letting them into her apartment, then fled with her briefcase containing $100,000 in casino winnings, according to a spokesperson with the NYPD.

The thieves first knocked on Yvonne Reeder's home in East New York just before 10 a.m., police said, and were allowed in after convincing the elderly woman that they were religious door-knockers. Once inside, police say Reeder told them one man pushed her to the ground, while the other went straight to the bedroom to take a briefcase filled with money and a Samsung tablet.

Reeder said that she was scared during the robbery, but did not sustain any injuries. "They pushed me over by the wall," she told the Post. "He said he wasn't going to hurt me." The suspects were in their mid-20s and covered their faces with dark-bandanas, the police said.

According to Reeder, she'd earned the money playing $5 slot machines on two separate trips to Atlantic City taken about five years ago. She took home $50,000 on each trip, she said, from Bally's Atlantic City and Caesar's Atlantic City.

"Why? Why would people do that?" she added. "That doesn't make sense…it still hasn't sunk in."