2006_06_applebees.JPGLate last week, the body of a teenaged girl was found in a trash bag on a Brooklyn sidewalk. Her mother had reported Chanel Petro-Nixon missing on Monday June 19, after Chanel left her Bed-Stuy house on Sunday and never returned. The police said that the straight-A student at Boys and Girls High School was strangled, but not sexually assaulted. Her family and friends had differing ideas of where she might have gone - some said she wanted to apply for a job while others said she was meeting a boyfriend. The manager of an Applebee's says detectives have spoken to him about the girl, saying she never showed up to apply for a job. But now many people to wonder how Chanel could have disappeared, as she would have walked along Fulton Street at a busy time. A woman who works on Fulton Street told the Daily News, "Her disappearance doesn't make sense. It just doesn't add up."

The police are checking out her MySpace page as well, to see if there are any clues about who she might have met.