Pity the Nets, they play for our sins. They started the season a record-breaking 0-18, finally won a game last week under new head coach/GM Kiki Vandeweghe, then dropped a stinker to the slightly-less-worse Knicks last night at the Garden. The Knicks and Nets are both playing the salary cap game right now, waving a white flag this season while trying to free up space to lure some of the superstars available in next years free agent bonanza to come over and revitalize each franchise.

But as much flack as the Knicks have gotten (and deserved) this year, the Nets really are hitting new lows. As the Daily News pondered, "Who scores only 36 points in a half against the Knicks? Who makes only 14 baskets in the final 24 minutes against a Mike D'Antoni-coached defense?"

The Nets are putting all their cards on the table by promising a flourishing future in the mythical Atlantic Yards (which could be anytime between 2011 and 2013), but even potential fans are restless already. The News checked out the atmosphere around Brooklyn today, and found fans such as John Longo, 43, who want a BK team, just not this team: "'When they first started talking about it, I was into it, but not anymore, because it's owned by a guy who doesn't care about the game...I think they're pathetic.'"

New York Magazine gives an appropriately sad summary of the bad luck the Nets have had over the years with locations and rosters, and reminds us about former small forward Chris Morris, who once wrote "Please" and "Trade Me" on his sneakers during a 1995 game against the Bulls.