Questions surround the death of a Brooklyn man, whose body was found in his Carroll Gardens apartment yesterday. Troy Young, a drummer in a number of local bands, was, according to the Daily News, "shot in the shoulder and the bullet went through his heart."

Police were called to check in on Young after a friend had reported him missing. The cops went his 4th Street apartment after midnight yesterday, and the Post reports, "The door to the apartment was unlocked and nothing appeared to have been stolen." A former bandmate, Ray Mazzi, told the News he was shocked to hear about Young's death, "He was a great guy, a great drummer," and noted that Young's new band, State of Emergency, had a gig on Tuesday.

Frank's Luncheonette waitress Maria Martino called him "a sunshine boy" who "cracked a lot of jokes and always smiled," adding, "He was making a big deal of his upcoming birthday... It's terrible." His father told the Post, "Troy was very hard working, he went to New York to 'go where the big time is.'" And his sister "said her brother had a girlfriend who also had another relationship. 'This guy has been in Troy's face a couple of times,' she said."