Yesterday, right before 6 p.m., gunmen in an SUV opened fire on a group of people sitting on a stoop in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Steven Hill, 15, and Antoine Stokes, 20, were both shot multiple times and later pronounced dead while Derek Henry, (either 14 or 16), is in stable condition at Kings County Hospital. The NY Times spoke to witnesses, who said "the three youths were caught off guard when a car drove by and a barrage of shots — as many as 20, some estimated — poured out its windows"; one added, "I saw people running and screaming, scattering all over the place. Any place they could find a place to hide." According to the Daily News, "A three-way feud among rival groups sparked" the violence. "The beef involved the gunned-down group, which hung out on Bainbridge St., and competing crews from the Brevoort Houses in Ocean Hill and the Jackie Robinson Houses in Manhattan, the police source said." The Post, which suggests that Hill may have been the target, reports, "Community activist Tony Herbert said cops told him the shooting was in retaliation for a robbery earlier in the day."