Based on our numerous viewings of the second season of The Wire, we always thought urinating in public, or in bars, or with ducks, or next to guys named Horseface, was a way of life for stevedores. But it wasn't so for one Brooklyn dock worker, who claims in a new lawsuit that he was fired for peeing outside.

The worker, whose name hasn't been released, was a former timekeeper at Ceres Atlantic Terminals, which operated on Pier 12 in Red Hook. The man says he has diabetes, which means he has to pee often even though he worked hours when the office bathrooms were closed. “On several occasions…he was required to urinate outdoors, because he could not reach the bathroom in time to avoid having an accident,” court papers state.

For some reason, the man claims he was ridiculed by his coworkers for doing something every male at every age of his life cycle has done: “They’re longshoremen. What do you think, they quoted Shakespeare?” lawyer Michael O’Neill told the Post. “He was humiliated.” He was subsequently fired by Ceres “because he admitted to urinating outdoors in the area of the Brooklyn pier." The only way this makes any sense is if Ceres is secretly run by pee-averse Anthony Weiner.