The slow wheels of justice, in action: The Post reports, "The Brooklyn DA lost a child-endangerment case against an allegedly sadistic bus matron before it even got started -- sitting on the charges so long that a judge yesterday tossed the matter altogether." Back in 2006, "Connie Clark, had been charged with allowing P.J. Rossi, a mute, 8-year-old autistic boy from Staten Island, to repeatedly smash his head against a bus window as she taunted him and cracked jokes with the driver." Rossi's mother had put a tape recorder in his backpack, and Clark was recorded saying, as the boy whimpered, "Owwww, shut up, shut up, shut up, you little dog." Rossi's father is furious and regrets, "Instead of going off like a psycho, I did the right thing. I brought it to the Brooklyn DA's Office. And from the day I left there, it was mishandled." Even Clark's own lawyer said, "This case was blown by the DA's Office."