It's been a while since we've reported on a prosecutorial shake-up over at the Brooklyn D.A.'s office, so here's a new one for you: the office's Gang Bureau head was fired yesterday for allegedly using the words "faggots" and "dykes" to insult co-workers, and calling a prosecutor " “the head n----r."

Deanna Rodriguez had worked at the Brooklyn D.A.'s office since 1985 and headed the Gang Bureau for the past 16 years, but she was suspended in March after she sent a threatening email to a paralegal that used homophobic slurs. Further investigation found she'd been engaging in "a course of behavior" that included using homophobic slurs against interns, paralegals and assistant DAs, in addition to the aforementioned racial slur she allegedly lodged against counsel to D.A. Charles Hynes, Lance Ogiste. "She’s a wild woman. She’s nuts," one law enforcement source told the Post.

Rodriguez, a New York native, made about $160,000 a year, and was honored by El Diario newspaper in 2012 for being an outstanding woman in her community; no word on whether this incident will make it onto Hynes' reality show.