A Bushwick man was arrested for allegedly killing a father of four on Father's Day over a long-simmering parking spot dispute.

William Fernandez, 33, was fatally shot at the intersection of Bushwick Avenue and Beaver Street in Bushwick just after midnight on June 17th. According to the Daily News, Fernandez had been planning to spend the day with his kids at his Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment to celebrate Father's Day. "It sucks because this day will forever be marked with something more than just happiness — it's sorrow," his sister, Jasmine Fernandez, said at the time.

David Hall, 46, was arrested this week and charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon. Sources tell the News that the two men first met back in January, when Fernandez was visiting someone near Hall's home on Forrest Street in Bushwick. The two apparently got into an argument over a parking spot, almost coming to blows.

"One day I guess my brother parked in so-called 'his spot,' but it was a public spot," Jasmine Fernandez told the News. "He blocked my brother in using his two trucks. He go into a verbal dispute with my brother." In April, Hall found his tires slashed and apparently blamed Fernandez. The two men didn't run into each other again until the night of Fernandez's death.

"This is the son of a bitch that murdered my brother on Father's Day," Jasmine Fernandez wrote on Facebook on June 27th. "My brother was my world, my everything he meant so much to me, my kids, my mother and my family and this motherfucker took his life over and argument for a parking spot!!"