Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes responded to Mayor Bloomberg's criticism of his policy that allows ultra-Orthodox rabbis to hear complaints of sexual abuse before they're reported to the authorities. “Ya know, had he bothered to reach out, I would have explained that I didn’t object to someone going to see a rabbi...but I certainly expected that they would report promptly any allegations of sexual abuse,” Hynes told CBS.

Hynes also pointed to the "Voice of Justice" program his office created to handle sexual abuse in Brooklyn's Hasidic communities. While the program includes a hotline for victims and a designated social worker the Times reported that its impact is being overstated by the Brooklyn DA's office.

DA Hynes also defended his method of keeping the name of the accused a secret by saying, “Once they identify the victim, they harass and intimidate.” Hynes maintains that anyone in the Orthodox community found to be obstructing an investigation of sexual abuse would be prosecuted.