The Brooklyn DA’s office has dropped the charges against a postal worker who was harassed and arrested by four NYPD officers in Crown Heights two months ago.

Glen Grays was delivering packages on President Street when the driver of an unmarked NYPD vehicle almost struck him. Grays yelled at the car, which emptied to reveal three plainclothes NYPD officers and their lieutenant, who demanded to see Gray’s ID and then arrested him.

After the officers had loaded Grays into their car to be taken into the precinct, the driver rear-ended another car, and Grays had to be taken to the hospital for his injuries. He was eventually charged with resisting arrest.

Video of Grays’ arrest and the impunity with which the officers acted caused Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams to charge that the NYPD was “sweeping the incident under the rug.”

Eventually NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said he was “not happy” with the arrest, and the ranking officer, Lieutenant Luis Machado, was stripped of his badge and gun. The other officers, Lazo Lluka, Miguel Rodriguez, and David Savella, were also placed on modified assignment, according to the Daily News.

“In the interest of justice I asked the Court to dismiss the disorderly conduct charge against Glen Grays,” Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson said in a statement today. Grays had no criminal record prior to this arrest.

A spokesperson for the NYPD confirmed that Lieutenant Machado had been placed on modified duty and is "facing departmental charges." The other three officers were "disciplined internally and transferred from the 71 Precinct," the spokesperson said.

"The only thing I think saved me is that it was on videotape,” Grays told CBS after his arrest. “It’s sad. I thought that when I put on the uniform that I’d be treated a little different. But there’s no difference. And I’m just another brother with a uniform.”