In 2011, a Park Slope computer programmer was biking home from work when a group of teenagers threw a brick at him in broad daylight from a pedestrian overpass at Navy Street in Fort Greene. That same programer, Stephen Arthur, now says he was the victim of another attack while cycling a block away from that location—only this time, it was food that was thrown at him as he biked on Ashland Place. "Last night as I was riding my bicycle home in a bike lane from Manhattan [when] what looked like a projectile nearly hit my head as it passed in front of my face," he told us. "The object turned out to be a full 9 ounce bottle of Hellmann's mayonnaise."

Arthur, who was biking home around 1:25 a.m. Friday, surveyed the area and surmised that this one-way food fight had been going on for awhile: "I noticed a box of spaghetti splattered on the ground, and then a honey mustard bottle splattered on the sidewalk, a Kraft ranch dressing bottle on the ground which was splattered on a parked car, other food splattered on the hood of another parked car, more food splattered on the roof of another car, and a bottle of Welch's jelly splattered on the road."

You can click through the photos above and see some of the aftermath of the condiment hailstorm. The question is: was someone was purposefully trying to hit him/other cyclists, or did Arthur stumble upon someone dumping their refrigerator?

Unlike the last incident, there were no teenagers in sight—so he believes the objects had been thrown from University Towers at 122 Ashland Place. A doorman there told him there had been reports of someone throwing things from the building's 5th floor, adding that the person "appears to have serious emotional problems." But when police arrived, "they said since I did not see anyone throw objects, and I was not injured, there was nothing they could do."

Police confirmed they had reports of someone throwing objects off the building from an unknown floor. But they said once they arrived, there were no injuries, so the incident was deemed "unfounded." Have you had any bad experiences with that particular bike lane on Ashland Place?