After a couple hadn't been heard from since Wednesday, the police went to their Canarsie apartment to check on them yesterday morning—and found a horrifying sight. Elsie and Peter Jones were both dead in a pool of blood, with gun shot wounds to the head. And police believe that Peter Jones killed his wife before killing himself.

A neighbor told the Daily News, "She had asked him for a divorce. I think they went to counseling. He shot her in the head and then shot himself in the head. It’s really scary. I couldn’t sleep last night when I realized they were missing.”

Elsie Jones' sister Rachelle Thevenin agreed, telling the Post, "She was trying to divorce him for a while, but he must have just snapped. I know she wanted to get away from him. I just can’t believe it.”

Elsie Jones was a chemist who worked at Pfizer on Viagra, while Peter Jones worked as a commuter van driver. They had an eight-year-old son, and had been in the process of adopting Thevenin's two children.