A 61-year-old Brooklyn coin dealer died last night after being brutally beaten by three men outside of his Gravesend shop, thrown in the back of a black Volvo sedan and then dumped on East Seventh Street near Avenue N in Midwood. Friends suspect the dealer, Steve Halfon, was targeted because of the impressive collection of gold and antiques in his shop (along with the fact that he often carried large amounts of cash). It is currently unclear how much was taken from him but he had just closed up before being attacked.

After Halfon's assailants left his body they abandoned their car two blocks away. A witness recalled seeing one get out "covered in blood" and walk "down the street like nothing happened." According to another eyewitness, at least one suspect threw his bloody shirt, a Yankees cap and a hoodie in the sewer before running off with his two co-assailants. The clothes, along with Halfon's wallet, were later recovered by EMS.

Halfon's body was found by a passing motorist quickly after it was dumped, but it was too late for him. He died soon after being brought into the New York Community Hospital and police are still looking for the assailants. At the same time, friends of Halfon are in shock that this happened. He "was a big man, very muscular," one said. "I'm shocked he couldn't take them."

Meanwhile, this story reminds us of the still-unsolved death of former 2nd Ave Deli owner Abe Lebewohl, who was robbed and murdered in 1996 while on his way to deposit money from the restaurant at a local bank. Store owners, be careful when leaving your businesses with valuables!