2006_12_hitrunbk.jpgYesterday afternoon, a 6 year old boy was fatally hit by a truck in Sunset Park. The boy, Andy Vega, apparently ran ahead of his babysitter when crossing Third Avenue and 46th Street, and a truck carrying empty coffins from Milso Industries struck him. The driver stayed at the scene.

Another pedestrian, Randolph Charles, who was crossing the street at the same time told the Post, "The boy was on the other side of the street. We were both crossing. The truck was coming, and all I heard was a big bang. The truck ran a red light. We had the walk sign. I told him, 'You know, you just hit the kid.' And he said, 'I thought I had the green light.' Then he grabbed his head, and you could see he was in shock."

The Daily News had two interesting notes: First, the driver told the police he was trying to beat the light, but he was not charged. (Which makes us crazy - how will drivers ever stop trying to beat lights when there are no punishments when they do and hit other people or cars?) Second, there have been many terrible accidents at the intersection, most infamously a 2001 incident where a drunk off-duty police officer who had been on a "12 hour drinking binge" ran a red light and hit a pregnant woman, her son, and her sister. All three died, including the pregnant woman's baby that was delivered by C-section.

Andy would have turned 7 tomorrow.