Because we really need animal news these days, let's talk about how cats are really weird and like hiding in car engines. Gumbo, an orange tabby from Manhattan Beach, ended up in upstate New York after he hid in Dana Esses's minivan's engine compartment.

Apparently Esses "smelled something strange for days inside her Honda Odyssey minivan," according to the Daily News, "but it wasn't until Monday, when she and her family drove 230 miles for an upstate ski trip, that she finally had to investigate. That's when Esses popped the hood and got a hair-raising surprise — a 10-year-old tabby cat had taken up residence next to her engine block."

"It found its way to warm place. It wasn’t wedged or anything. It sort of peeked its little head out when my husband came over and then retreated back. It was incredible. It didn’t look injured at all," she said.

The family told security at the Great Escape Lodge in Queensbury, who then contacted the Warren County SPCA. Chief Humane Officer Jim Fitzgerald told CBS New York that he thinks the kitty got stuck. "It found its way up through the back of the block, and then it had to come up through the front of the engine, and then crawl back down into a compartment." (Cats like engine blocks because they are warm.)

The Warren County SPCA shared photos of cat online, writing:

This is a wild story!! We got a call this evening from Great Escape Lodge & Water Park, a guest had just arrived there from Brooklyn and somehow realized they had a cat in their engine! They thought it had been there awhile. We couldn't imagine that was possible but Chief ACO Jim Fitzgerald determined that was indeed most likely the case. He managed to extract the cat and bring to safety! Kitty is resting comfortably now and will be going for vet care. So we think there could be someone in Brooklyn missing their kitty. . Wouldn't it be amazing if we found the owner? Let's make this go viral, you just never know. Let's all share this post and see what happens!

And that's how Brooklyn resident Raven Huang found out that his missing cat Gumbo, who took off from a cat carrier during a visit to the vet, was safe—just upstate.

Huang said that now Gumbo will be leashed for vet visits. Good luck!