Hours after a Brooklyn carjacking victim was fatally struck by his own car, police arrested a suspect. Joshua Colon, 24, was charged with murder, robbery and grand larceny. When a Daily News reporter asked him how his mother felt about his arrest, Colon yelled back, "How would your mother feel, f----t?"

Police say that Phillip Dellegrazia, 63, was in the process of loading items onto his idling flatbed truck outside of his business, A&D Ironworks, on 24th Street between 4th and 5th Avenues, when someone ran into the cab and sped off. Then Dellegrazia got into his own car and confronted the carjacker outside of 709 4th Avenue; the authorities say, "The 63-year-old exited the vehicle to approach the truck at which time the victim fell to the ground and was struck by the flatbed truck."

A witness said, "[Dellegrazia] ran after him and got ran over. I look around and the guy is on the ground, head cracked open."

Colon allegedly fled, eventually abandoning the truck at 22nd Street between 4th and 5th Avenues. Cops canvassed the area for surveillance footage, and WCBS 2 reports, "Surveillance video allegedly showed [Colon] running down Brooklyn’s Fifth Avenue and into a nearby bakery, appearing to change his clothes moments after the crash."

Colon, who lives on 16th Street between 4th and 5th Avenues, has a long rap sheet, with dozens of arrests.

The victim's family and friends were shocked. A neighbor said that Dellegrazia was a "social butterfly, spoke with everybody, out with the neighbors chit chat, chit chat, 'anything I can do for you, tell me I'm here'" type of person.

His son, Anthony Dellegrazia, told the Post, "All you’re going to hear is good things." Here's an Instagram he took of his father last year: