At least she said yes! Trey Turner thought he was going to be extremely romantic by proposing to his girlfriend, Kelsey Kramer, on the Brooklyn Bridge on Wednesday night. But as he dropped to one knee to propose, the ring slipped out of his hands and fell between the slats! Kramer told CBS 2, "I heard something and I heard a clink, turned around and he was white as snow and in shock and I hadn’t even gotten to see it yet." This sounds familiar.

The ring wound up perched on some construction equipment below, but though the DOT pledged to find it, the couple got each others initials tattooed on their ring fingers, expecting to never see it again. But as Turner left to tour with his band, The Icarus Account, Kramer got a call saying bridge worker Doug Reese had actually found the ring. Turner said, “Now that it is a happy ending everyone has permission to make fun of me."

We're all for the romance of the Brooklyn Bridge, but if you're going to have shaky fingers you might want to reconsider the location. As Gothamist editor Jen Chung said, "As someone who was proposed to on the Brooklyn Bridge, I was paranoid enough to ask that my future husband not take the ring out of the box while on the bridge, because the gaps between the boards are really, really wide."