Today plans were unveiled for Brooklyn Bridge Park's two new condos, which will be located at Pier 6. That's five piers away from the Park's more controversial condos at Pier 1. The difference? While the Pier 1 condos house luxury units, a hotel, and rooftop bar, the Pier 6 buildings will include 30% affordable housing and a pre-K facility.

They are not without controversy, however—the Brooklyn Eagle recently reported there's a push for an environmental review of the development. The BBP also noted in their announcement today that "under the terms of the settlement reached last month, BBP is seeking a modification to the Park’s GPP in a process encompassing numerous opportunities for public engagement over several months. The Boards of BBPDC and ESD both voted last week to adopt the GPP modification regarding this project. A public hearing on the proposed modifications will be held in late July, incorporating a written comment period, followed by two more public meetings."

The renderings released today were chosen from 14 designs, and the BBP broke down the highlights and next steps in a lengthy press release. It reads, in part:

Brooklyn Bridge Park (BBP) today announced plans for a joint venture of RAL Development Services (RAL) and Oliver’s Realty Group to develop two residential buildings at the Pier 6 uplands development site. If approved by the BBP Board of Directors, the new project will ensure the long-term financial stability of Brooklyn Bridge Park, add new park space, bring much-needed affordable housing and universal pre-k seats to the community and generate hundreds of good union jobs.

Planned since 2005, Pier 6 development site is permitted under the Park’s General Project Plan (GPP) for residential development with a maximum height of 315 feet on Parcel A, while Parcel B allows for residential, ground floor retail, and a maximum height of 155 feet. Under the terms of the lease, the proposed building on Parcel A would be reduced in height by approximately 30 feet, offer 3,870 square feet of retail space, approximately 192 market-rate condominium units, a resident parking garage and public restrooms adjacent to the park. The building on Parcel B would also be reduced by approximately 30 feet and include space for a 75-seat universal pre-K facility, 930-square feet of retail space, 1,500-square feet in community facility space, and a mix of approximately 117 affordable- and 30 market-rate rental units. Ultimately, more than 30% of the overall units within the proposed project would be dedicated to permanently affordable housing for moderate and middle income households, while the education facility would help meet the high demand for pre-K seats in the surrounding community. In addition, potential upgrades made to the adjacent Pier 5/6 Loop Road would result in the addition of 10,000 square feet of parkland.


BBP President Regina Myer said during the announcement: "As the Pier 6 discussion continues, it's essential that the public has as much information as possible about what's to come: more parkland, affordable housing, universal pre-k and community facilities. We released 50-year financial projections earlier in June to further inform this process, and we are releasing this information today in that spirit. We're proud to recommend RAL, which has been a strong partner since the beginning and understands how important this project is—for the park, for the city, and for the millions who enjoy this waterfront gem every year.”

RAL president Robert Levine noted that they "are proud to create homes where New Yorkers of mixed incomes can live and raise their families in some of the city’s most treasured locations." The next step will be to get approval from the BBP Board, and avoid any courtroom drama with activists who are against development in the park.