The city has stepped up to the challenge and will join NY State as a co-defendent in the lawsuit to stop the redevelopment of Brooklyn Bridge Park. Last month, a bunch of civic groups banded together to sue the state, which is overseeing the project, because there are now 1,200 condos in the mix. The Brooklyn Bridge Park Defense Fund, which filed suit, told the NY Sun, "There will be Fresh Direct trucks delivering groceries. When a child decides to kick a ball, it will bounce off of someone's house."

The BBPDF's lawyer, Robert Chira, wasn't very happy about the city entering the suit, as "We don't need to be fighting another Goliath." He also said, "This is the test case. [It will decide] whether other parks up and down the waterfront can have private housing in them." Indeed - the community was initially all okay with 700 condos planned, but when the number went up by the hundreds, it started to make the situation all the more clear: Parks are less a state or city project, but are basically being subsidized by private development. The state probably wants the lawsuit to go away quickly, as it has dreams of construction starting next year.

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