The NY Sun calls attention to a problem in the midst: The Booklyn Bridge hasn't been painted in fifteen years. Even the Department of Transportation rated the bridge as experiencing "serious detioration"! Meanwhile, the Golden Gate Bridge is "painted constantly." Sure, the Golden Gate Bridge is pretty much all paint and the Brooklyn Bridge's most notable features are the limestone and granite towers, but painting the structure wouldn't hurt. The Sun has an extensive slideshow of peeling paint close-ups on rusted beams - it's gross and we hope little kids aren't eating those paint chips.

The DOT tells the Sun that the bridge is "structurally safe," and it's scheduled to be painted in 2009. Perfect - we imagine all that 70% of the paint will have peeled away by then. While there are probably other things the DOT is dealing with (though not pedestrian or cyclist safety, that's for sure), since the bridge is so heavily used by pedestrians, we agree with the Sun's implicit outrage and think it's due for a fresh coat sooner rather than later.

And did you realize that many popular SUVs exceed the weight limit on the Brooklyn Bridge? Streetsblog has photographic evidence.